BMW 520d F10/F11 184hp Remapping ECU, car styling, chiptuning, wheels, turbo's

BMW, 5 series, F10/F11 2010-2014, 520d

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BMW 520d F10/F11 184hp Remapping ECU

What is ECU remapping?

Remapping is adjusting the computer program that drives the engine of your car. The software is optimized to ensure efficiency and power go up. Remapping by Mosselman makes your car perform better. See Remapping charts below for this BMW 520d F10/F11 184hp.

What other car tuning and styling options do we offer?

You can choose from a wide range of car tuning and car styling products. Mosselman Turbo Systems offers extended remapping (Remapping+), turbo systems, aerodynamics (spoilers and more), forged wheels, suspension, brakes, and much more.

Car tuning/styling product: iC-Module BMW 520d F10 F11 184hp

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iC-Module BMW 520d F10 F11 184hp, Mosselman iC-Tuning Module is the most advanced tuning module on the market today, thanks to its powerful microprocessors and high tech board design. Back in the ’80s Mosselman developed probably one of the first versions of the tuning box to go with our legendary Turbo kits and Supercharger kits. Unlike the more simple design back in the day that just changed or limited one or two signal using resistors (still used in cheaper tuning box designs of competitors!), the intelligent Control Module is a fully digital computer which can monitor, and adjust multiple signals to the engine injection control system such as rpm, boost pressure, injection, mass air flow and more. This technology enables our iC-Module to precisely tune your engine for maximum efficiency, performance and torque, while decreasing fuel consumption. With his multi-processor power, the Mosselman iC-Module is way beyond the old diesel tuningbox, or powerbox, and makes it a serious alternative for an ECU remap or flash chiptuning.

The iC- Tuning Module has a professional billet aluminum housing with cooling ribs, and a plastic bottom plate for better installation. The package comes complete with a specific made plug and play harness which connects to your vehicle using original connectors. The wiring used is of high quality automotive and protected.

Every iC Tuning Module is provided with a detailed car specific installation manual, including pictures that will help to localize the right sensor plugs to connect. A person with some basic technical skills, will be able to install the plug and play harness and module himself, or ask your local Mosselman dealer for help. If for any reason the cars needs to be (temporary) in stock condition, the provided “Jumper Plug” can be used to connect to the wire loom instead of the iC-Module.

Most important features 
  • Time delay for stock start up
  • Multi-channel inputs for increased precision and performance
  • Flash memory for updates
  • Overload protection function build in
  • SMD circuit design made by robots
  • High end billet enclosure
  • PC updatable
  • Original high quality connectors
  • Do it yourself installation
  • Back to stock plug included
  • 2 Year warranty
Specifications & pricing Standard MM Remapping Difference
Engine power (Kw) 135Kw 157Kw 22Kw
Power (hp) 184hp 214hp 30hp
Torque 380Nm 450Nm 70Nm
Max. Torque @ rpm rpm 0rpm
Topspeed km/h km/h 0km/h
Fuel consumption city l/100km l/100km 0l/100km
Fuel consumption highway l/100km l/100km 0l/100km
Fuel consumption combination l/100km l/100km 0l/100km
Mosselman remapping, performance & economic (including tax)

Optional Installation
40 Pound

589 Pound

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Features & options Standard Price
Producer warranty coverage for 2 years
Extended 1 year warranty (atmosferish engines)
Extended 1 year warranty (turbo engines)
Installation time 1 day, or 1,5 hours on request