BMW 320d E90 163hp Eff.Dynamics Remapping ECU, car styling, chiptuning, wheels, turbo's

BMW, 3 series, E90 2005-2013, 320d

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BMW 320d E90 163hp Eff.Dynamics Remapping ECU

What is ECU remapping?

Remapping is adjusting the computer program that drives the engine of your car. The software is optimized to ensure efficiency and power go up. Remapping by Mosselman makes your car perform better. See Remapping charts below for this BMW 320d E90 163hp Eff.Dynamics.

What other car tuning and styling options do we offer?

You can choose from a wide range of car tuning and car styling products. Mosselman Turbo Systems offers extended remapping (Remapping+), turbo systems, aerodynamics (spoilers and more), forged wheels, suspension, brakes, and much more.

Car tuning/styling product: ECU remap BMW 320d E90 163hp EfficientDynamics

Dyno sheets
ECU remap BMW 320d E90 163hp EfficientDynamics, developed by Mosselman Turbo Systems. You can be sure that the software program is developed by professional engineers. The knowledge of our engineers goes beyond programming on a laptop, they know what they can do with an engine. All our software is developed on our in house all wheel drive dyno, in one of the best dyno cells ever build.

Testing this 2011 efficient dynamics we found out that the stock car performed, beyond our expectations, with 179bhp and 420Nm! Since ECU's are more smart these days we don't see often that a car makes already 16bhp and 40Nm more than the factory specifications. So after doing the research, dyno testing and road testing this car went out delivering 214bhp and 476Nm in a really nice and smooth way. The car is a pleasure to drive with this remap, and accelarates nice even in 6st gear.
Mosselman Turbo Systems stands for over 30 years of experience in engine tuning.
Specifications & pricing Standard MM Remapping Difference
Engine power (Kw) 120Kw 145Kw 25Kw
Power (hp) 163hp 210hp 47hp
Torque 380Nm 465Nm 85Nm
Max. Torque @ 1900rpm 2000rpm 100rpm
Topspeed 225km/h 234km/h 9km/h
Fuel consumption city 5l/100km 4,8l/100km 0,2l/100km
Fuel consumption highway 3,6l/100km 3,5l/100km 0,1l/100km
Fuel consumption combination 4,1l/100km 3,9l/100km 0,2l/100km
Mosselman remapping, performance & economic (including tax) Installation time, 1 day or 1,5 hrs on request

539 Pound

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Features & options Standard Price
Producer warranty coverage for 2 years
Extended 1 year warranty (atmosferish engines) Producer warranty coverage, 2 years/ max. 100.000km
Extended 1 year warranty (turbo engines) Extended warranty, 1 year (n/a engines)
Installation time 1 day, or 1,5 hours on request Extended warranty, 1 year (turbo engines)