Mini Cooper-S R53 163hp Performance package


Performance package Mini Cooper-S R53 163hp, to 211hp.

Performance package Mini Cooper-S R53 163hp (Pulley + remap to 211hp)

This package takes the performance levels far beyond the level of a normal remap. The Mosselman Performance package for this car includes a performance pulley, a shorter belt, and a special remap developed to work with these parts. This car has its intercooler located on top of the engine, what is not the best place to keep it cool. We chose to go with a 17% smaller pulley to increase the speed and the boost of the supercharger, but just to the level that the temperature increase is still within acceptable limits. This results in the perfect balance between performance and constant, repeatable power. Check the dyno sheet and see that the tuned line is even more smooth than the stock!